恨嫁家族  I Hate Therefore I Marry  2014.1.24-26


Design Statement for WSD 2017


Marry or not? I Hate Therefore I Marry is a story about four sisters, their mother, their men and their lacking. Only a pale grey platform onstage. It was a minimal and cruel ground for mourning and respect to the late set designer Ewing CHAN*. This emptiness, with lighting and moods, enhancing the lacking inside the characters even stronger. 

Teal reflects the ex-boyfriend’s jealousy.  Lavender embodies the innocent romance of the violist and the third sister.  The obsessions with the ex and the seducer  and their tangly struggles of love and hate sprays the space in bloody red. This red sneaks us into their minds.  The light tightens on the big sister like a curse as she is enraged by the ex’s revenge; moments later, she was running wild in the big pool of light to ease her anger, but seems getting lost into the void gradually. 

Lighting space isn’t merely physical space. It purifies and sublimates the emotions. The house was recreated by the geometric forms of shadows and lights, but also a metaphor to mentally imprison the characters. Lighting opens up aesthetics, dramatic, psychological and conceptual spaces, wandering around characters and times, and becoming another performing role. 








  • 佈景設計師陳友榮於《恨嫁家族》製作期間突然因急病離世,劇組遂決定把舞台留白,作為對 Ewing 的悼念。

All front view full stage photos by Billy CHAN /

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